The Multilingual Semantic Web workshop series is concerned with research questions on how current Semantic Web infrastructure can and should be extended to advance the Semantic Web and linked data use and development across language communities around the world. This raises several challenges such as ontology localisation, cross-lingual question answering, cross-lingual ontology and data matching, representation of lexical information on the Web of Data, etc. An infrastructure should be in place for defining ontologies and vocabularies in multiple languages with a transparent semantics across them.

NLP and machine learning for linked data can benefit from exploiting multilingual language resources such as annotated corpora, WordNets, bilingual dictionaries, etc. if they are themselves formally represented and linked by following the linked data principles. We argue that a critical mass of language resources as linked data on the Web can lead to a new generation of linked data-aware NLP techniques and tools which,  in turn, will serve as basis for richer multilingual multimedia Web content analysis.

In addressing such research topics, the workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers at the intersection of NLP, multilingual information access, Linked Data and the Semantic Web to exchange ideas on realising the Multilingual Semantic Web. In this edition of the workshop we encourage submissions related to NLP applications, multimedia, and Web content analytics and long and short papers on the following topics:

  • multilingual Semantic Web and Linked Data use cases
  • multilingual content analytics on the Web
  • linguistic linked (open) data
  • cross-lingual information access, search and retrieval
  • NLP and machine learning approaches for the Semantic Web and Linked Data
  • terminology and linguistic resource development in a Linked Data context
  • integration and mapping of heterogeneous Linked Data
  • linguistic and semantic annotation in a Semantic Web and Linked Data context

The best papers of the workshop will be included in the supplementary proceedings of ESWC 2015, which will appear in the Springer LNCS series.